terça-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2009

Ed Vedder - Can't keep

I wanna shake, I wanna wind out
I wanna leave this mind and shout
I've lived all this life
like an ocean in disguise
I don't live forever
you can't keep me here...
I wanna race with the sundown
I want a last breath that I don't let out
forgive every being
the bad feelings, it's just me
I won't wait for answers
you can't keep me here...
I wanna rise and say a-goodnight
I wanna take a look on the other side
I've lived all these lives
it's been wonderful at night
I will live forever
you can't keep me here...

2 comentários:

pin girl disse...

Gosto do novo look do blogue.
E da música, claro... :))

Bruna disse...

Eu sou muito fã desse cara! :D
Amo demais essa música, e mais uma vez gostaria de agradecer a sua visita ao meu blog, volte sempre!

ps.: muito boa a versão original de WICKED GAME, obrigado

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