quinta-feira, 29 de abril de 2010

Sonic Youth - Mary Christ

Talking to a punker priest
Just dogging the breeze
About beein in a tree / he says it's free now!
Along comes Mary Christ
Skating light on ice
And says, 'let's go on high' / later, priestoid!
You gotta go - God I got a date now
Yeh I know - shall not be late now

Possessed by x-ray eyes
Her spirit spy's
Into my lies / let's burn 'em out now!
Wraps my head in skin
Says now I'm in
Dig the candy skin / yeh spit it out now!
Everytime - she sings that low song
Everytime - I know I'm right, wrong

Angel in a devil skirt
Buys me a shirt
Says I hope you like / uh, like what now!?
Hope I hope you like
Like you like yr hope
With the tightest rope / I see, I know now!
Here we go - I've been waitin so long
Yeh I know - for Mary to come along

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