sexta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2013

Depeche Mode - Live Rock Am Ring

  1. 00m00s Intro;
  2. 01m50s Pain;
  3. 05m59s Question of time;
  4. 10m35s Suffer well;
  5. 14m30s Precious;
  6. 19m25s Walking in my shoes;
  7. 25m52s Stripped;
  8. 31m29s Home;
  9. 37m40s In your room;
  10. 43m15s Impossible;
  11. 47m50s John tehe revelator;
  12. 51m40s I feel you;
  13. 58m30s Behind the wheel;
  14. 1h03m50s World in my eyes;
  15. 1h09m20s Personal Jesus;
  16. 1h15m55s Enjoy the silence;
  17. 1h27m06s It doesn't matter two / Judas;
  18. 1h31m25s Photographic;
  19. 1h35m08s Never let me down.

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